Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Difference between Cautious and CYA actions

Again, Once Upon A Child says they have a magical list to know what is safe

Citing the CPSIA law, both Goodwill and Second Fling consignment shop have exited entire categories of children's items.

"But Trish de la Motte is not worried about her resale store, Once Upon a Child. The toys, clothing and furniture there are safe, she said. That is because her store is a franchise, and the franchisor has worked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and gotten advice about what not to buy. "We have a list of what is OK to buy and what is not OK to buy," she said. When it comes to baby equipment and furniture, she has never purchased anything more than five years old to make sure it's up to standard. Ms. de la Motte also has sent e-mails to her customers to let them know the precautions the franchise has taken to make sure everything in the store is safe."

"There is no comprehensive list of potentially hazardous toys." says PIRG.

It is impossible to even reliably guess which items do not comply and saying that everything in their store is safe is false and utterly irresponsible.

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