Thursday, January 15, 2009

Must See TV

Raw Video Feed Julie Vallese CPSC Spokesperson

Watch Julie as she talks in endless circles without ever really answering a question, all the while looking down her nose at all the poor unfortunate folks who just can't understand the things that she can. She doesn't even mention that this legislation specifically addresses lead in children's products until pressed by the interviewer. I was reassured to hear that CPSIA contains "very specific and new definitions on regulating products with lead". Gee, I wonder where they hid those specific definitions. Also that all I have to do as a reseller is to "simply need to make a business decision at a level of confidence that the products they are selling meets the law". She goes on to say that I can choose how to do this any way I like, including just looking at something and making an "informed decision." At the end of the day though, she kindly reminds me that I must still follow the law. Clear as mud.

And if you don't have the stomach to watch 7 minutes of government speak, here's a good review (by Mark of Rescue Marketing) of this so-called interview.

CPSC’s Vallese interview review re: CPSIA

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