Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why the uproar began in January

Toy Industry Approach

Wow, this certainly answers a few questions I had about how we got to this point. The large manufacturers and retailers were intentionally keeping this quiet so they wouldn't jeopardize their Christmas sales. Explains why all the uproar began in January. Now their efforts are to push the whole thing back to buy themselves some time. Meanwhile, all the bad press about the hazards of shopping resale are being published. So the environment filled with uncertainty may hurt their sales during months when they don't have much in sales anyway and they have the coffers to wait it out. Meanwhile many small businesses will go out of business trying to define their current business or restructure it.

So the large toy manufacturers and retailers will benefit from the groundswell of support from the public intended to support the small businesses so adversely affected by this including not only resale but the countless small and micro businesses that create unique, handmade items for children. For example many Native American craft businesses create countless culturally-inspired items for children that carry on their culture. These will now be required to undergo the same expensive testing as the made in China plastic toy in your McDonalds Happy Meal. Guess what - they can't afford to do that so will just have to quit selling them.

I found it so perplexing why I heard nothing about this between August (when it became law) and January (a month before it takes effect). Mystery solved.

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