Sunday, February 8, 2009

Five Favorite Things Affected By CPSIA

1) the grandmother who comes into my store and tells me that without my resale store, she would not be able to afford to buy anything for her grandchildren

2) the smiles on kids faces as they uncover their 'treasure' because their mom can say 'go find something' from my store shelves because she knows it won't cost that much

3) getting up each morning looking forward to the privilege of meeting all the great people who come into my store ranging from the environmentalist, to the frugal, to the under-employed, to the poor, to the just plain practical

4) selfishly, the satisfaction I get from providing a community service to those who want to sell their great kids things and those who want to buy them

5) all the choices that are being taken away by the government. In America I have come to expect to have the freedom to choose those things that I enjoy, be it a ride on a roller coaster, a piece of chocolate, or a handmade hairbow for my daughter. I don't want to live my life in a bubble. I don't feel so good about the government taking away my right to choose.

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cmmjaime said...

Amen to all of the above!

Some days the whole CPSIA mess just makes me want to cry.