Saturday, February 7, 2009

Salvation Army

Salvation Army store in Richmond, IN stops taking children's products

In this article, they claim to have made this decision because they "care more about children's safety than exemption". Must be a coincidence then that this decision was made just a few days before CPSIA implementation. They were clearly avoiding the work involved with wading through the CPSIA mess and the liability that now results from it. Being concerned about children's safety does not include preventing access to affordable secondhand items, over 95% of which are 100% safe.

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Suzie Browning said...

I called them in (Dec, I believe) and ask what they had planned to do. At that time, they had not heard about CPSIA.

They are just covering their butts, just like many others who are afraid of the CPSC. I am not!

Thanks for posting the link, as I live close by and had not seen that article.